How to move fragile items

How to move fragile items

You don’t realize how many fragile items you possess until you sort them out to pack. It can be never-wrecking to pack such delicate items as there is a great risk of them breaking. Many tragedies can take place while moving such as breaking your precious vases, expensive plates, and glasses, TV screen, etc. We are here to help you be more careful with packing and unpacking with our amazing tips and tricks that are mentioned below which will save you from such a horrific future for your items.

 Packaging boxing that should be used:

Make sure that you have the right quality boxes that will ensure that your items are safe and sound inside and they don’t break when you hire some Commercial moving company to help you shift. Going for smaller boxes for individual boxes can be more beneficial so that items like glassware and vases don’t break under the pressure of heavier items when put with a lot of things.

Wrapping things individually:

Wrap every item separately according to their sizes and shapes. With the help of bubble wrap, each item can stay secured so when they are packed with some other things there are very tiny to no chances of anything happening to them.

 Fill vacant items:

It is very helpful to fill the empty spaces in items like vases, glasses, etc. stuffing these items with packing paper and any sort of extra wrap paper can help prevent a lot of harm from happening.

 Take your time:

It can get very stressful while packing your whole house. At a point, you will feel like stuffing everything and just get it done with. It is important that you take your time and sort everything out and deal with everything delicately so when the House movers UK comes to help you with shifting your precious piece of elements, they don’t get damaged.

 Tagging the packaging boxes:

Tagging the fragile items’ boxes differently and gives their packaging boxes names can be very beneficial as it will help your movers identify that these things are to be dealt with delicacy. It will help the best UK movers to be more careful when they are notified.

 Arrangement of packing items:

Every item is delicate but there are certain ways everything can be wrapped adequately so it is very important to learn about them. to pack everything properly you should first stock up on the essentials needed to wraps every item and that may include bubble wrap sheets, packing tape, packing boxes of various sizes for different sized items, scissors, pliable cardboard, etc.

The best way to secure plates is to first wrap them in a bubble sheet and after that arrange them vertically in their ideal sized box and also place an extra sheet between each plate so that they don’t make contact and that same goes with such items like plates.

With glasses or vases it goes with that you first fill their empty spaces and then arrange them in a box and additionally fill all the vacant spaces with wrapping sheets so there is as much less chance of the things moving is possible.

It is best to place heavier items on the bottom of the boxes when placing things and smaller and lighter ones on the top so it prevents maximum damage.
These are the best basic tips that you need on how to pack fragile items and if you still think that it is risky if you do it yourself then you can get in touch with the best UK movers to seek professional help.

A guide to packing clothes when moving house

A guide to packing clothes when moving house

Packing stuff for when moving out seemed easier when it came to delicate stuff like crockery, decoration pieces, etc. since we had a lot of guides to teach and tell different tricks for them. No one ever taught anything about how to pack clothes when moving out so most of you just throw them in a packing box and get it done with. Everything has its packing strategy so here we are with the best and easy guide to teach you all you need to know about packing clothes while moving out.

Declutter the closet:

The initial step for packing clothes is to declutter them meaning taking out the clothes that you no longer need. While you take out your every piece of cloth, just keep a few questions in mind which will further help you in decluttering them. With every item ask yourself, does it fits you, has it worn out, do you like it anymore, etc. therefore every cloth that you no longer need can be easily donated to the needy. The lesser the clothes the more the space for new ones will in your new house and it will also save up a lot of space and time.

Sorting cloth items:

Now when everything is sorted about what you still want to keep in your closet, the next step comes to sorting them out. It is very beneficial to sort things into different categories so you know what is where. Clothes can be categorized based on seasons therefore if its summer then the winter clothes is already set aside.

 Packing boxes and bags:

You can always save some extra money on packaging boxes while using suitcases or wardrobe boxes to pack your clothes, as they are already going to be shifted so it will be brilliant to use up space. You can also use garbage bags or IKEA bags to store your stuff as they are less costly and also have more storage capacity. Furthermore, you will have more space in the vehicle of a commercial moving company that will help you move your stuff.

Set aside the extras:

Always pack your accessories and shoes aside from your clothes. As the shoes tend to be dirtier so they can ruin your clothes therefore you can wrap every shoe in plastic bags so they don’t damage anything else. The same goes for accessories, as they are small and fragile; there are more chances of them getting lost. Thus it will be favorable to store accessories in small boxes and pack them in important suitcases.

Getting professional help: 

Getting professional help is always an option if you don’t have time or you think that it is hopeless for you. You can easily contact the best UK movers to help you with your stuff. Or if you need any additional help with your shifting, the house movers London provide great services so you don’t fret yourself.

Final verdict:

If you are moving houses and need some help with packing your clothes than the above mentioned steps summarize all you need to know about it. This guide will make packing and unpacking clothes much easier and so there is nothing to stress about.

Easy Packing Hacks to Simplify Moving Days

Easy Packing Hacks to Simplify Moving Days

Moving can be quite simple if you think about it conventionally. However, a lot of people are just unprepared and leave everything for the last minute that caught them off guard. Life is all sunshine and rainbows until you think about packing. As House Removal London, we want to make your boxing and unboxing as painless for you as possible. These simple packing hacks will surely simplify your packing process like never before.

1.Stock up on Packing Supplies

Most of the packing tips that you will find online will encourage you to gear up with supplies before you get started on the packing process. Any Best UK Movers will ask you to go ahead and buy all the supplies such as duct tape, box cutters, packing tapes, boxes, trash bags, labels before the mayhem of the house settles in.
You can use colored labels and tapes for different categories of items to differentiate which boxes belongs to which area. These hacks will make you confident and feel like you are absolutely acing it with the move.

2.Organize Small Stuff into Zip locks

Organizing small stuff is always a big hassle as you are confused about where to keep them and well, never finding them again if you keep them safely. But now, make your move easy with Zip lock bags, not only it is the best choice for protecting and packing important papers, furniture screws and cords, you name it, you can reuse them too to organize similar items after the move as well.

The idea is to label them accordingly so you don’t end up losing them again. For instance, you can label the cords individually and then group them up by a gadget or a device in labeled bags.

3.Plan out your Groceries

If you are moving somewhere in town only, you can conveniently move any leftover groceries to your new home. However, moving to a new town or city is a different story. If it involves a long-distance move, make your last shopping trip about two or three weeks before your move date to ensure you are not wasting any supplies or food.
Plan out your meals for the day before your leaving day so you can make the most out of it. Also do this for household items such as paper towels, tissue rolls, hand soap, face washes and everything. The less such have you have on take away, the better it is.

4.Hack a Vacuum Space Bag

Stuff like blankets, pillows and your leather jackets can take lots of space for no reason while packing. If you simply put up stuff in a black bag and suck its air through a vacuum, it will get compressed into a small space. You can simply pack more light weighted stuff into fewer boxes than. You can use a simple garbage bag as well for this particular task and wrap it up with a rubber band.

5.Rent Good-Quality Moving Boxes

If you are not familiar with the idea of moving, then you must not know that labels, boxes and other supplies will go pretty hard on your pocket. In fact, buying packing supplies to move up around one bedroom apartment can cost you around more than $400. Instead of getting all the supplies at once, if you have a mind to plan, start getting supplies as soon as you start looking for houses.


Things that make commercial moving different from residential moving

Things that make commercial moving different from residential moving

It’s quite easy to believe that commercial moving UK is similar to residential moving. After all, the concept of moving remains the same, whether it’s a residential house or simply your office? Well, that is not the case! However Office Movers in London suggests that commercial moving is far more complex and systematic as compared to residential moving.
A lot of hassle goes into commercial moving to make the overall transition successful. From coordinating with client’s day-to-day operations to handling office equipment, the process is complex and thus a lot of companies consider it better to outsource it to Commercial Moving Company in UK.
Here are a few reasons why commercial moving is way more different than residential moving.

Commercial moving involves proper set of planning

Residential moving is relatively easier as it involves transporting furniture and moving belongings from one home to another. Its hassle too however a bit simpler to commercial moving that requires a proper track of planning and preparing to smoothly execute. Because of the heavy impact that commercial moving leaves upon business operations.
Business owners must always choose a moving day that has minimum activity, so the clash of disrupting business operations remains low too. You must keep it mind that moving days does not bring any impact in the financial hub of the company.
Here at Fast Removals Services UK, we specialize in commercial moves for more than a decade now. Whether it’s about offices, corporate offices, retail stores or houses, we got all of it covered!

Commercial moving involves transferring sensitive materials

Unlike residential moving, commercial moving is far more sensitive as it involves the transfer of sensitive documentations. Such as client records, financial statements, legal papers as well as internal accounts. Most businesses also have IT equipment that holds up valuable data for their company. Protecting sensitive information is a must and should remain one of the top priorities for any successfully commercial moves.

This success can be achieve by working with some best UK movers that has ample amount of expertise and experience. Make sure the equipment is handled with care, providing business with the peace of mind that you truly deserve.

Commercial moving has a lot of do with electronic equipment moving

While any residential moving involves transferring and unloading laptops and computers, a commercial moving involves more of half of space as electronic things only. This can include stuff from printer, fax machines, laptops, computers, CPUs, processors and many other items. Most employees are definitely using two or more devices at work.
Don’t forget to count the vending machine, stationery desks, common telephones, well now it’s pretty clear how commercial moving requires much more efforts and plan than your standard residential move.
At Fast Removals Services UK, our staff is pretty well-trained in moving and handling electronic equipment, you can just simply sit back and relax while we handle all the work for you. Reach out to us now and make your moving 100 x times easier.

Top Eco-friendly ways to Transport Goods

Top Eco-friendly ways to Transport Goods

It’s true when they say, it’s not easy to be green. House Movers London are aiming to lower down their carbon footprint by utilizing a variety of eco-friendly methods to transport their goods. Let’s discuss about the top eco-friendly ways to transport goods easily and conveniently.

1.      Freight Trains

When it comes to transporting goods across land, freight trains are the most efficient. Trains are four times more efficient at transporting goods compared to traditional trucks and a single freight train can carry almost 280 truckloads, depending on the cargo. Modern trains are more energy efficient and with recent technological breakthroughs on locomotive design, future freight trains are expected to be 25% more fuel-efficient than current models.

2.Biodiesel trucking

Biodiesel fuel refers to a type of diesel fuel derived from animal fats or vegetable oils. One of the most popular sources of biodiesel is soybean oil. Waste cooking oil from restaurants can also be converted into biodiesel through a process called Trans esterification.
The majority of freight trucks use traditional diesel fuel. Large trucks run on diesel engines to generate enough torque when pulling heavy loads. The downside is that diesel fuel combustion contributes to severe greenhouse emissions, which is why some transport companies opt for biodiesel as a means of reducing their carbon footprint.

3.Hybrid delivery vehicles

The world’s top shipping companies as well as Commercial Moving Company are leading the initiative, with FedEx operating a fleet of 408 fuel-alternative delivery trucks. 365 of the trucks are hybrid delivery vehicles while the remaining 43 are all powered by an electric motor. UPS on the other hand, operates 380 hybrid delivery trucks to help cut their overall carbon dioxide emissions.

Truck manufacturer Eaton released a hybrid diesel-electric engine that’s suited for heavy-duty applications. The engine switches to its electric motor when running at 30 mph and relies on the diesel engine for more horsepower on demanding applications.

4.Inland barges

Calm freshwater lakes and huge, wide rivers are some of the most eco-friendly shipping routes in the world. In general, maritime transportation is the most fuel-efficient out of any transportation sector and inland barges are the cleanest in terms of transporting oversized, high-density cargos. Nothing beats a single diesel-powered towboat that has enough power to push 15 fully loaded barges (which carries an equivalent of 800 truckloads or 200 rail cars), all while emitting a fraction of the greenhouse gas and burning far less fuel.

On a single gallon fuel, an inland barge is capable of carrying a ton of cargo over 500 miles (or 804 kilometers). Even rail transport is half as fuel-efficient as an inland barge, which can only go for 200 miles (or 321 kilometers) on a single gallon.

Top Ways to Protect your Furniture with these Top

Top Ways to Protect your Furniture with these Top

Moving is a terribly difficult yet a time-consuming task that requires a proper set of planning. According
to a report by Psychology Today, moving into any new place requires a lot of factors that can lead to
anxiety and stress. According to Best UK Movers, even if you are hiring professionals or doing it yourself,
your furniture should always be handled with utter care while moving.
Luckily, with these few supplies and some easy tricks, you can move your fragile furniture without
worrying about the potential damage. These furniture packing tips will work when you are moving to a
new home or relocating these items.

1. Prep Furniture for Packing

Before you pack anything at all, take out some time and clean your furniture properly for any dust.
Debris and other dust can conveniently scratch hard surfaces during the moving process. It’s essential to
clean up the space before you start with the dragging to ensure you are not making the house dirty.
Take a few minutes to remove any casters, knobs or pulls from your furniture, take drawers out from
the dressers and other desks and pack other items inside them, it will give you extra storage space while
lightening up heavy furniture.

2. Gather proper packing supplies

It’s nothing but a myth that all you need for packing is a few cardboard boxes, packing tape and moving
blankets. These items are surely the main of all, but you definitely need to invest into a few more
supplies to ensure you move to a new home or relocation to a storage facility is flawless.
Just go to your local hardware store or shop on Amazon to purchase the following additional items for
your furniture such as bubble wrap, plastic stretch wraps, sealable plastic wraps, corrugated cardboard
sheets and sofa and mattress covers etc.

3. Disassemble your furniture in advance

Disassembling your furniture should be the first task as it consumes a lot of time. This makes it pretty
easier to pack the moving trucks and protects up the big furniture from hitting corners while being
moved. Begin by packing any detachable elements like cushions and pillows.
Don’t forget to remove any glass doors or frames as they can break easily. Unscrew any parts that can
be taken apart like table tops, table legs, wheels, shelves, bed frames etc. Save the screws, nuts, and
bolts in labeled clear plastic bags so you don’t lose them. Pack and label any other small parts- you’ll be
surprised how many things can get lost while moving.

4. Learn how to wrap up furniture

Plastic sheeting and bubble wraps are two of the best tools at your disposal when it comes down to
safely moving up your furniture. Plastic wrap or specially designed plastic sofa covers should be used to
protect your upholstered items. Use bubble wrap to protect delicate wood pieces.

It is also a good idea to use corrugated cardboard sheets in between wooden pieces. This adds extra
protection and helps prevent gouges or scratches while furniture is on the truck.