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Many Londoners try to avoid hiring professional moving services in a bid to cut down on relocation costs. However, even if you manage to pull off the who packing up process on your own, it is no brainer that you will need some kind of logistical support so that your belongings can be transported to your new location. This is an ideal opportunity for scammers to feast on. You will easily find men with a van offering freelance moving services and may even instant quote you prices that are dirt-cheap. The rule of thumb is that if someone quotes you a price that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The last thing you would want is the van carrying your valued possessions vanishing in thin air and nowhere to be found.

Even if some freelance van services might not intend to cause you damage or to scam you, but they still might lack the necessary training, skill, and equipment required to handle and move items that need special handling and storage. Either way, it only means a loss that you will have to bear. In such cases, you cannot do much against the van services legally since freelancers are not officially registered and they transport your belongings with your consent. In such cases where no formal contracts exist, you cannot make them responsible for any damages.

Despite all the hassles that van services bring, it is understandable that many people would want to use only logistical support and not complete moving assistance. It is a myth that compare moving companies do not offer only van services. There are many movers who offer you a registered and a professional man with a van, that you can use to transport your belongings safely. In some cases freelance service provides might try to lure you by quoting cheaper prices but that is not worth the risk.

Top-Rated Man & Van Service

Man & Van Pricing

At Fast Interior Removals we are happy to provide you with a simple man and van service for your move. If you’re sure about your needs relating to vehicles, the number of porters you require and how long your move may take please contact us to ensure availability and make a booking.

1 x Man and a Van : from £49.00 per hour*

2 x Men and a Van : from £79.00 per hour*

* Min 2 hours booking

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Yes, we provide all type of move. Either your move is small or big we have all kind of vehicles available in all operational areas.