Packing Hacks:

Moving can be quite simple if you think about it conventionally. However, a lot of people are just unprepared and leave everything for the last minute that caught them off guard. Life is all sunshine and rainbows until you think about packing. As House Removal London, we want to make your boxing and unboxing as painless for you as possible. These simple packing hacks will surely simplify your packing process like never before.

1. Stock up on Packing Supplies

Most of the packing tips that you will find online will encourage you to gear up with supplies before you get started on the packing process. Any Best UK Movers will ask you to go ahead and buy all the supplies such as duct tape, box cutters, packing tapes, boxes, trash bags, labels before the mayhem of the house settles in.
You can use colored labels and tapes for different categories of items to differentiate which boxes belong to which area. These hacks will make you confident and feel like you are absolutely acing it with the move.

2.Organize Small Stuff into Zip locks

Organizing small stuff is always a big hassle as you are confused about where to keep them and well, never finding them again if you keep them safely. But now, make your move easy with Zip lock bags, not only it is the best choice for protecting and packing important papers, furniture screws and cords, you name it, you can reuse them too to organize similar items after the move as well.

The idea is to label them accordingly so you don’t end up losing them again. For instance, you can label the cords individually and then group them up by a gadget or a device in labeled bags.

3.Plan out your Groceries

If you are moving somewhere in town only, you can conveniently move any leftover groceries to your new home. However, moving to a new town or city is a different story. If it involves a long-distance move, make your last shopping trip about two or three weeks before your move date to ensure you are not wasting any supplies or food.
Plan out your meals for the day before your leaving day so you can make the most out of it. Also do this for household items such as paper towels, tissue rolls, hand soap, face washes and everything. The less such have you have on take away, the better it is.

4.Hack a Vacuum Space Bag

Stuff like blankets, pillows, and your leather jackets can take up lots of space for no reason while packing. If you simply put up stuff in a black bag and suck its air through a vacuum, it will get compressed into a small space. You can simply pack more lightweight stuff into fewer boxes than. You can use a simple garbage bag as well for this particular task and wrap it up with a rubber band.

5. Rent Good-Quality Moving Boxes

If you are not familiar with the idea of moving, then you must not know that labels, boxes and other supplies will go pretty hard on your pocket. In fact, buying packing supplies to move up around one one-bedroom apartment can cost you around more than $400. Instead of getting all the supplies at once, if you have a mind to plan, start getting supplies as soon as you start looking for houses.

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