Protect your Furniture

Moving is a terribly difficult yet a time-consuming task that requires a proper set of planning. According
to a report by Psychology Today, moving into any new place requires a lot of factors that can lead to
anxiety and stress. According to Best UK Movers, even if you are hiring professionals or doing it yourself,
your furniture should always be handled with utter care while moving.
Luckily, with these few supplies and some easy tricks, you can move your fragile furniture without
worrying about the potential damage. These furniture packing tips will work when you are moving to a
new home or relocating these items.

1. Prep Furniture for Packing

Before you pack anything at all, take out some time and clean your furniture properly for any dust.
Debris and other dust can conveniently scratch hard surfaces during the moving process. It’s essential to
clean up the space before you start with the dragging to ensure you are not making the house dirty.
Take a few minutes to remove any casters, knobs or pulls from your furniture, take drawers out from
the dressers and other desks and pack other items inside them, it will give you extra storage space while
lightening up heavy furniture in order to protect your furniture.

2. Gather proper packing supplies

It’s nothing but a myth that all you need for packing is a few cardboard boxes, packing tape and moving
blankets. These items are surely the main of all, but you definitely need to invest into a few more
supplies to ensure you move to a new home or relocation to a storage facility is flawless.
Just go to your local hardware store or shop on Amazon to purchase the following additional items for
your furniture such as bubble wrap, plastic stretch wraps, sealable plastic wraps, corrugated cardboard
sheets and sofa and mattress covers etc.

3. Disassemble your furniture in advance

Disassembling your furniture should be the first task as it consumes a lot of time. This makes it pretty
easier to pack the moving trucks and protects up the big furniture from hitting corners while being
moved. Begin by packing any detachable elements like cushions and pillows.
Don’t forget to remove any glass doors or frames as they can break easily. Unscrew any parts that can
be taken apart like table tops, table legs, wheels, shelves, bed frames etc. Save the screws, nuts, and
bolts in labeled clear plastic bags so you don’t lose them. Pack and label any other small parts- you’ll be
surprised how many things can get lost while moving.

4. Learn how to wrap up furniture

Plastic sheeting and bubble wraps are two of the best tools at your disposal when it comes down to
safely moving up your furniture. Plastic wrap or specially designed plastic sofa covers should be used to
protect your upholstered items. Use bubble wrap to protect delicate wood pieces.

It is also a good idea to use corrugated cardboard sheets in between wooden pieces. This adds extra
protection and helps prevent gouges or scratches while furniture is on the truck.

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